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Hinterland Travel Holidays on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast Hinterland is one of the most beautiful tourist regions in south east Queensland. Generally speaking, the Gold Coast tourist strip occupies the flat coastal strip lining the magnificent beaches that the Gold Coast is famous for. The Gold Coast hinterland starts as you travel westwards into the hills and mountains of the Great Dividing Range. This mountain range traverses along the entire east coast of Australia and at the Gold Coast it comes very close to the Pacific Ocean coastline. This hinterland region has some of the most beautiful scenery along the east coast. Mount Tamborine features spectacular rainforest regions with towering eucalypt trees and fresh mountain streams. It has a number of small villages that contain excellent Gold Coast Hinterland accommodation in a range of styles. There is plenty to explore with country craft shops, museums and cosy restaurants and cafes.

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Further south through the mountains are many interesting destinations that include beautiful waterfalls and dense rainforests interspersed with lookouts that provide spectacular, panoramic views over the Gold Coast beaches and holiday strip. The Hinze Dam also lies in this region. Towns like Canungra provide the perfect opportunity to stop for lunch and a break in a quiet country caf.

At the southern end of the Gold Coast Hinterland lies the Lamington National Park. This spectacular region displays all the things to do in the Hinterland and what it is famous for. High escarpments, spectacular views, waterfalls, tall eucalypt forests and a region teeming with Australias unique wildlife will fill your days with excitement. This is all within an hour or sos drive of the bustling center of the Gold Coasts tourist strip around Surfers Paradise. There is some fantastic Gold Coast Hinterland accommodation in this part of the region. ORiellys Guesthouse and Binna Burra Lodge as well as a number of rainforest spa retreats provide a wide choice of places to stay. Both ORiellys and Binna Burra are well known in Australian tourist circles and leaders in comfortable rainforest accommodation, set amid a delightful location and provide fantastic opportunities for bushwalking and meeting the local wildlife. A few days spent in this region will be extremely rewarding.

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If you are looking to enjoy some of Australias most beautiful scenery, then stay a few days in the Gold Coast Hinterland in one of the thousands of Gold Coast apartments on offer there.

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